Eat Creampie

Eat Creammpie HoleThe wife called me around 10pm to tell me she was on her way home and soon I'll eat creampie. Here is a recap of our conversion as I remember it.

How was it?

-It was good, I had a good time.

I want to eat creampie so much! Did you have an orgasm?

-Almost, I was on the edge. But it felt really good. Another minute and I would have came. And you'll eat creampie!

So what position did he do you in?

-I rode him on top, grinded his cock until he came.

So what about the condom, was he ok with wearing it?

-Well, not exactly. I did get it out, but just never seemed to get it on him. He just slid his cock in me and I didn't want him to take it out. I'm bringing home a cream pie and yoy'll eat creampie.

Eat Creammpie AssOh my god, your kidding me. That's awesome. I can't wait, I'm so turned on. I wanted him to cum in you.

-I knew you did. I figured we'd be ok, especially with him.

When she got home, her panties were completely soaked. She never took her panties off, he just pulled her skirt up and slid the panties to the side. Once he pulled out, she just pulled her panties back over, in an attempt to retain as much as possible inside her. (what a good girl). So anyways, her panties were just soaked with his and her juices. I slid my finger in her and about came in my pants, her pussy was just sloppy as hell. I laid her on the bed, removed her panties and examined her. No cum was visible, but you could smell it and she was wet as hell. I immediately went down on her and although no cum seemed to remain in her pussy, I still reveleled in tasting and smelling his seed.

Eat Creammpie PussyThe next morning I was given some more details such as: "He filled me to the brim." "When he pulled out it all drained out with him." "His cum was much thinner than yours." "I wanted him to cum in my mouth." She asked him to go again, but said he couldn't do it.

She wants to do him again, and I informed her, she could fuck him everyday if she wanted to. She might try and hook up with him tonight. I'm hoping she can bring home a pussy full of cum next time and I will eat creampie again.

I couldn't be happier at the moment, we are both extremely turned on and excited by this event.

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